Thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Lynn.

I became interested in the marathon after the 1984 Summer Olympics. But it wasn’t until 22 years later when a friend of mine developed an incurable form of lymphoma that I actually laced up my first running shoes. After completing my first marathon, I was hooked.

I was on my way to completing my goal of 5 full marathons and 10 half marathons when I started having troubles of my own. I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (TM), a rare neurological disorder. I have kept running even though some people think I overdo it. I have found that running minimizes my TM symptoms. In fact, I recently read that research indicates “exercise can promote functional recovery.” There is no stopping me now.

“Every race you do, every step you take is a journey, and once you get going, nothing can stop you.”

Bill Rodgers

This quote from Bill Rodgers sums up how I feel now – I am running as much as I can. For me it is not about the medals (or as runners refer to it, the bling).  It is all about moving, a gift many people take for granted.

I am motivated by extraordinary people who pursue their goals of running marathons and ultra marathons, completing triathlons, biking across country, hiking thousands of miles, or whatever – the people everyone writes off as crazy.  They give me inspiration to pursue my own goals of running an endurance race in each of the 50 states and all 6 of the Major Marathons.

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  1. Congratulations on your Hat Trick. So glad you’re back running again. I loved all the inspiring runners you encountered and how you drew strength from them.


  2. I have recently been diagnosed with transverse myelitis.
    I used to work out in the gym cardio and weights I am worried sick about going back to it as this is where my symptoms started after doing a spinning class.
    I have just started treatment reading other people’s stories I feel lucky that it has not affected me how it has others. But it’s still a debilitating form am hoping for a full recovery neurologist seems positive.

    Any way I have been looking and can’t find anything about exercise and if it will exacerbate it bring the symptoms back

    The research u read if u remember it could u send me a link please.

    What’s your advice on the gym weights and cardio. I have already regained strength its just loss of sensation in arms and hands now.


    • I think every TM patient is different. I only had problems with my legs, no arm issues. My symptoms always increased when I ran but increased to times when I was just walking out for the newspaper. I was able to start running after a few months off. I did research but there wasn’t much geared to active TMers. I read things about MS patient athletes since they are similar to us. I take Lion’s Mane Mushroom because it helps support the nerves (per Dr. Andrew Weil – found that on Prevention web site). I read lots of things on the TM Association web site (https://myelitis.org). I read there about research indicating exercise promotes functional recovery. That makes sense to me because anything that keeps those connections in the nervous system going has to be good. I know what my limits are and yes, I do push them a bit. I know when I don’t move/run, my neuropathy will rev up – not as bad as it ever was but still more noticeable. If you haven’t visited the TM Association web site, start there. The Johns Hopkins has some information on their web site as well (https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/neurology_neurosurgery/centers_clinics/transverse_myelitis/about-tm/). Good luck. It is hard to find that new normal but don’t stop trying.


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