Berlin Marathon – Take Two

Last year I was planning to run the Berlin Marathon.  My goal was to get a PR (personal record).  I worked for months with a personal coach with that goal driving me.   Then three weeks before the race I fell during a 20-mile training run, breaking my arm in four places.  I also broke … Continue reading Berlin Marathon – Take Two

Kondo’ing My Race Medals

When you run a half or full marathon, they hand you a medal at the end.   Sometimes they even hand out medals for 10K, 20K and 10-mile races.  I think that was one of the things that I liked about distance races when I first started running.  There was nothing else in life that … Continue reading Kondo’ing My Race Medals

No Finish Line

When people hear that I run a lot of marathons and half-marathons, they have one of two reactions - they think either I am crazy or an extraordinary athlete.  Among the people who think I am insane is Frank Shorter, 1972 Olympic Marathon Gold Medal winner.  I met Frank in December 2012 at the Expo for … Continue reading No Finish Line

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Every once in a while I have to ask myself why I chose a hobby that involves so much physical pain.  In marathon running there is frequently pain while you are running, pain when you are done, and if things are really bad, pain the next day.  I never hear people who paint or quilt … Continue reading Rolling, Rolling, Rolling