The Marine Corps Marathon

I usually tell people that there are 3 kinds of marathons (perhaps a bit oversimplified).  First, there are the runDisney races where you run through the various theme parks at Disneyland and DisneyWorld.  Those races are extremely popular with runners who love anything Disney and will even run dressed up as Disney characters. When I … Continue reading The Marine Corps Marathon

Down on the Boardwalk

This past weekend I headed to Atlantic City, New Jersey to run the AmeriHealth NJ Atlantic City Half Marathon.  When I left home, my only objective was finishing the half marathon and checking New Jersey off my list (State #23 for those of you playing along at home).  But when I got there, I realized … Continue reading Down on the Boardwalk

MO’Cowbell Please

My goal is to run a half or full marathon in all 50 states.  So far I’ve completed 30 half or full marathons in 22 different states.   There have been races that are truly unique - like DisneyWorld races that run through the castle in the Magic Kingdom.  At times, though, it feels like … Continue reading MO’Cowbell Please

My Critical Running Gear

Most runners will tell you that their most important running gear is their running shoes.  Runners can get crazy when it comes to their shoes.  A Road Runner Sports sales clerk once told me when a shoe model is being retired by a shoe manufacturer, people who love that shoe will buy every pair in … Continue reading My Critical Running Gear