The Most Feared Person in a Marathon

In general, the atmosphere at a marathon or half marathon is lively and full of fun.  At the start, there is music playing and runners giddy with excitement and anticipation.  I remember crossing the start line in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, dancing and running to “Uptown Funk”.  It isn’t easy to dance and … Continue reading The Most Feared Person in a Marathon

What’s a Person To Do?

It is not surprising that people are confused about how best to keep themselves healthy.  There is so much conflicting information out there these days. I recall an article a while back that had the alarming headline “Sitting down is KILLING you!”  That headline would scare anyone who is chained to a desk all day.  … Continue reading What’s a Person To Do?

Looking For Inspiration

I came back from Austin with an unwanted souvenir - a nasty cold that has kept me from training.  While sidelined, I took time to watch the documentary “Inspired to Ride” about the inaugural TransAm Bike Race held in 2014.  The race was organized by the same people who organized Tour Divide. The TransAm Bike Race covered … Continue reading Looking For Inspiration