Running in a Football Stadium

As I was looking over the races I have done, I noticed I have run through several iconic stadiums and tracks, places where famous races and sporting events are held.  It is one of the more enjoyable aspects of running races - I get to go places I would otherwise never see. This past weekend … Continue reading Running in a Football Stadium

Future Runners

I just read a Wall Street Journal article (May 6, 2016, “The Running Boom Goes Bust”) that declared running was declining in popularity. According to this article, millennials aren’t running as much as baby boomers. The article stated 2013 was the peak year for finishers of foot races with 19 million. Since then, the number … Continue reading Future Runners

Wow – They Did It Again!

I have written about some pretty determined people over the last couple years.  People who ride bikes for thousands of miles, over deserts and mountains.  People who swim in the coldest waters on Earth or run across the Sahara Desert.  They leave me shaking my head in disbelief of their incredible feats.  Recently I came … Continue reading Wow – They Did It Again!