Patience, Injured Runner!

It has been two and a half weeks since I fell during my 20-mile training run and broke my arm in four places.  My broken arm will take three months to heal and I will miss five races I was looking forward to running. The universe has an interesting way of reminding me that I … Continue reading Patience, Injured Runner!

Running/Biking Documentaries

I love documentaries. Documentaries tell the stories of real people living out their dreams or in some cases, just crazy freaking ideas.  There are some incredible stories out there.  Here is my list of favorite running/biking documentaries plus two that I am anxious to see. Spirit of the Marathon - I saw the “Spirit of the Marathon” … Continue reading Running/Biking Documentaries

Good Samaritans

This week's post is a public service announcement. I was out running my 20 mile training run for the Berlin marathon this past weekend when the unthinkable happened. I had just finished my first 12 miles and was heading back out for my last eight when I tripped over a root on the trail and … Continue reading Good Samaritans

My Year of “Stupid” Races

I have decided that this year is going to go down in the books as my year of "stupid" races.  In 2014 I have run in four multi-race weekends.  As if it wasn’t difficult enough to run one race in a weekend, I felt I needed to raise the bar and ran races back-to-back. I … Continue reading My Year of “Stupid” Races