My Critical Running Gear

Most runners will tell you that their most important running gear is their running shoes.  Runners can get crazy when it comes to their shoes.  A Road Runner Sports sales clerk once told me when a shoe model is being retired by a shoe manufacturer, people who love that shoe will buy every pair in … Continue reading My Critical Running Gear

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Every once in a while I have to ask myself why I chose a hobby that involves so much physical pain.  In marathon running there is frequently pain while you are running, pain when you are done, and if things are really bad, pain the next day.  I never hear people who paint or quilt … Continue reading Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

The Undress

Many local television stations have a reporter assigned to consumer issues.  Our local NBC station had a woman whose job was to cover consumer complaints against local companies; advice on homeownership, financial investments and retirement; and verifying whether a product really did what the manufacturer claimed it did.  That last segment was called “Does It … Continue reading The Undress

Trotting Out in Compression Socks

I have mentored several runners through their first marathons.  I told them all to think of training runs as “dress rehearsal” for race day.  The number one rule of marathoning is you should never wear/eat anything new on race day.  You don’t want to get out there and find out those snazzy new shoes you bought … Continue reading Trotting Out in Compression Socks