The Undress

Many local television stations have a reporter assigned to consumer issues.  Our local NBC station had a woman whose job was to cover consumer complaints against local companies; advice on homeownership, financial investments and retirement; and verifying whether a product really did what the manufacturer claimed it did.  That last segment was called “Does It Really Do That?”  She would take a viewer’s question about a product like some gizmo to wash off your dog’s muddy paws before they came in the house and see how well it worked (the dog foot bath was a dud).  I am trying out so much new running gear that I have started my own “Does It Really Do That?”  This week I am trying out the Undress.

The Undress

The Undress

The Undress was a Kickstarter project that launched September, 2014.  The Undress is promoted as the “first fashionable mobile changing room.”  Their slogan is “Change clothes in public without getting naked”.  I learned about the Undress from someone on Facebook.  I checked out their Kickstarter page.  They had a nifty video that demonstrated how the Undress worked.  I was intrigued enough to become one of their investors.

I wasn’t alone.  In the 39-day funding period, they raised over $615,000 from 7200+ backers.  The Undress is Kickstarter’s most funded women’s fashion project, most funded dress project, and among the Top 3 most funded fashion projects to date.

The Undress is a full-length halter-type dress with slits at thigh level in the sides.  You put the dress on and then slide the top under your running bra using a small plastic hook, putting the straps over your head.  With the top of the Undress in place, you can pull off the top layer – your wet running bra, for example – so that you can put on a new top.  To change your shorts, you put your hands in the slits to remove your shorts and pull on new ones.   When you have changed, you just slide the top out from under your top and take off the dress.  Presto, change-o!

The Undress has obvious appeal to athletes, yoga practitioners, beach goers, women who want to be more discrete in packed locker rooms, and travelers.  Actually, it appeals to any woman who needs a way to change clothes on the go when there aren’t changing facilities available.  No more struggling in the car to change or hiding behind towels held up by helpful friends.

I received my Undress a few months ago but never took the time to try it out.  One of my concerns was whether my arm, which isn’t back to 100% yet, would make it difficult to use the Undress.  Today I decided that I wanted to give it a try.

When I got back from my 9.5 mile run in the steamy summer heat, I pulled out my Undress.  I put it on according to the directions I remembered from their video. I was surprised at how easily the top slid under my sweaty running bra.  Normally I struggle to get my running bra off when I finish a run – I do contortions trying to get my bra over my arms and head.  But today it seemed like it was easier than normal to get it off.  I had plenty of fabric to remove my shorts without exposing anything too.

The Undress is so comfortable and the fabric is very soft.  I can see myself wearing it at the beach or pool as a cover-up too.  In fact, there are lots of ways to wear the Undress – their website has videos demonstrating how versatile this garment is.

I am heading out to run a half marathon this weekend.  I am packing my Undress so I can change after the race.  I would not be surprised if other female runners see me and ask about the Undress.  I have to tell them – yes, it really does that!

Interested in getting your own Undress?  Check out their website.  The Undress is handmade, one at a time, in the USA.