Not Just Running, Racing

I run a lot of half marathons and marathons but in reality, for me they aren’t races.   As the funatical runner, I am drawn to races with themes such as the Flying Pig or the MO’ Cowbell, or races that allow me to run some place interesting, like down the Las Vegas Strip at night.  It … Continue reading Not Just Running, Racing

The Buddy System

When I was in grade school, the teacher would often pair students up with buddies.  You held your buddy’s hand as you walked from the classroom to the library or gym.  Your buddy was there to make sure you didn’t get lost.  It was probably the easiest way for the teacher to control the children that … Continue reading The Buddy System

Goals: To Have or Not to Have

I use to tell people to be careful setting goals because they could kill you.  Goals can become the monkey on your back that drives you to do things maybe you shouldn’t be doing.  I would classify myself as being very goal oriented.  Having a to-do list and checking things off gives me a sense … Continue reading Goals: To Have or Not to Have