Chickens and The Sea

My most recent race trip took me to Hawaii for the Kauai Half Marathon.  I was never interested in visiting Hawaii.  For someone who lives on the East Coast, Hawaii is a long trip - over 10 hours alone on airplanes, not my idea of a fun time.  Then I saw the movie “The Descendants”. … Continue reading Chickens and The Sea

Someday is Now

There are fascinating people you can meet when you take that first step to say hello.  We were reminded of that during our recent vacation in Montana.  While passing through Bozeman, we stopped for lunch at one of the restaurants along Main Street.  I noticed a bicycle, loaded with gear on the front and back, … Continue reading Someday is Now

One in A Million

You might think that every marathon is the same.  Same race, just different place.  I can tell you from my experience that they are not.  This past weekend I ran my twelfth marathon, the Virgin Money London Marathon.   It was very different than any other I have run.  Someone said the London Marathon is … Continue reading One in A Million

Miracle at Mile 4

My latest half marathon was the Zion Half Marathon outside Zion National Park in Utah.  The race was put on by Vacation Races, the same folks who organized the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon that I ran last year in Estes Park, Colorado.  Of all the races I have run, the Zion Half was in the prettiest … Continue reading Miracle at Mile 4

MO’Cowbell Please

My goal is to run a half or full marathon in all 50 states.  So far I’ve completed 30 half or full marathons in 22 different states.   There have been races that are truly unique - like DisneyWorld races that run through the castle in the Magic Kingdom.  At times, though, it feels like … Continue reading MO’Cowbell Please

My Rocky Mountain High

Last year was my “Year of Stupid Races".  I ran several multi-race events including the Dopey Challenge, the Nut Job, the Heartbreak Hill Hat Trick, and the Dumbo Double Dare.  I decided that I had to be stupid to run all those back-to-back races.  It looks like I am setting a different trend this year.  … Continue reading My Rocky Mountain High