Gratitude for the Gift of Movement

My post about running in Queenstown, New Zealand is still a work in progress  - I promise to have it ready next week.  In the meantime this post from my early blogging days came to mind.  I remembered it because I overheard runners during the Queenstown marathon talking about how the race was killing them. … Continue reading Gratitude for the Gift of Movement

Man versus Beast

Many people think being a runner is unnatural, even dangerous.  They probably have this perception after hearing stories about runners developing knee problems or back problems, even dying prematurely.  They argue that cars were invented so there is no need to run. There is no way that a human could run as fast as a … Continue reading Man versus Beast

How Do You Define Adventure?

A couple weeks ago I was looking for an interesting film to watch on the long flight to Utah for the Zion Half Marathon.  I found a documentary called “The Five Elements of Adventure.”   Given that my goal is to have more adventure in my life, I was curious to learn what Matt Walker, a mountaineer … Continue reading How Do You Define Adventure?

Where Are They Now?

The other day I started wondering about some of the people I have written about in my blog posts.  I decided to find out what they had done since I wrote about them.  It was interesting to learn who was still swimming, running, cycling or whatever.  I continue to find their stories interesting and inspiring. … Continue reading Where Are They Now?

Pain and Inspiration

“One thing about racing is that it hurts.  You better accept that from the beginning or you’re not going anywhere.” – Robert ("Blazin' Bob") Owen Kennedy Jr, American distance runner On Saturday I ran a half marathon at the Summit Point Motor Sports Park in West Virginia.  I expected a flat course; all the race … Continue reading Pain and Inspiration