I Was Stranded

Runners pick races to enter based on a variety of criteria - location, course elevation, entertainment along the course to name a few.  I don’t think too many runners would select a race because they hand out office supplies in the goodie bag. I needed to run a half marathon in Texas during winter because … Continue reading I Was Stranded

Did They Make It?

Last January I wrote about people who set some impressive goals for 2015.  These were people who planned to run every day or planned to bike over 75,000 miles during the year.  I wanted to check back to see if they actually achieved their goals. First there was Robert Kraft, a 65-year-old songwriter from Miami.  … Continue reading Did They Make It?

Don’t Count Me Out

I was looking at my racing statistics recently on athlinks.com and was amazed at what I have achieved.  I have raced over 1,100 miles in nearly 100 races (5Ks and up to marathon distances) - all since I started running just 9 years ago, in November, 2006.  I remember back then it seem inconceivable that … Continue reading Don’t Count Me Out