Age is a State of Mind

I just finished my March running “hat trick” - three half marathons in three weeks.  I probably should still be recovering from February’s marathon but I could not pass up these races.  I have another “hat trick” in April/May.  After that, I will be back to training for the Berlin Marathon, again.  Hopefully, this time … Continue reading Age is a State of Mind

New York, New York!

This past weekend was the essence of what Adventures of a Funatical Runner is all about - combining races with trips to interesting places I might not otherwise visit, seeing the sights and enjoying new experiences.  I traveled to New York City to run the New York City Half Marathon.  My husband came with me, … Continue reading New York, New York!

Pain and Inspiration

“One thing about racing is that it hurts.  You better accept that from the beginning or you’re not going anywhere.” – Robert ("Blazin' Bob") Owen Kennedy Jr, American distance runner On Saturday I ran a half marathon at the Summit Point Motor Sports Park in West Virginia.  I expected a flat course; all the race … Continue reading Pain and Inspiration