How Do You Define Adventure?

A couple weeks ago I was looking for an interesting film to watch on the long flight to Utah for the Zion Half Marathon.  I found a documentary called “The Five Elements of Adventure.”   Given that my goal is to have more adventure in my life, I was curious to learn what Matt Walker, a mountaineer … Continue reading How Do You Define Adventure?

Miracle at Mile 4

My latest half marathon was the Zion Half Marathon outside Zion National Park in Utah.  The race was put on by Vacation Races, the same folks who organized the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon that I ran last year in Estes Park, Colorado.  Of all the races I have run, the Zion Half was in the prettiest … Continue reading Miracle at Mile 4

Running in N’awlins

I recently crossed off another state in my quest to run an endurance race in each of the 50 States when I ran the Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I had visited New Orleans many years ago but didn’t really enjoy myself.  I know many people who rave about how exciting … Continue reading Running in N’awlins