0 to 26.2 – Tips for New Marathoners

When I participated on the running bloggers panel at the Route 66 Marathon Expo, one of the questions we were asked was what advice we had for first time marathoners and half marathoners.  It is a good question, one that I would break into two parts - training tips and race day tips.  It occurred … Continue reading 0 to 26.2 – Tips for New Marathoners

Don’t Count Me Out

I was looking at my racing statistics recently on athlinks.com and was amazed at what I have achieved.  I have raced over 1,100 miles in nearly 100 races (5Ks and up to marathon distances) - all since I started running just 9 years ago, in November, 2006.  I remember back then it seem inconceivable that … Continue reading Don’t Count Me Out

My Critical Running Gear

Most runners will tell you that their most important running gear is their running shoes.  Runners can get crazy when it comes to their shoes.  A Road Runner Sports sales clerk once told me when a shoe model is being retired by a shoe manufacturer, people who love that shoe will buy every pair in … Continue reading My Critical Running Gear

Birth of a Funatical Runner, Part 2 – My First Marathon

While the seeds of my running career may have been planted in 1984 after the Summer Olympics, it took 22 years for anything to start sprouting from them. During that time, I occasionally would watch a marathon on television. I remember seeing Grete Waitz, the phenomenal women’s marathoner from Norway, win the New York City … Continue reading Birth of a Funatical Runner, Part 2 – My First Marathon