Goals: To Have or Not to Have

I use to tell people to be careful setting goals because they could kill you.  Goals can become the monkey on your back that drives you to do things maybe you shouldn’t be doing.  I would classify myself as being very goal oriented.  Having a to-do list and checking things off gives me a sense … Continue reading Goals: To Have or Not to Have

Berlin Marathon – Take Two

Last year I was planning to run the Berlin Marathon.  My goal was to get a PR (personal record).  I worked for months with a personal coach with that goal driving me.   Then three weeks before the race I fell during a 20-mile training run, breaking my arm in four places.  I also broke … Continue reading Berlin Marathon – Take Two

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

To achieve your true potential you must first find your own limits then have the courage to go beyond them. #beyondlimitsknown BLK  I originally planned to give you a post-race report from my trip to Olathe, Kansas for the Garmin Wickedly Fast Half Marathon.  Monday was the Boston Marathon and as I watched the pre-race … Continue reading The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of