Focused on the Finish Line

The Tokyo Marathon is fast approaching – only three and a half more weeks to go.  I am being extra careful these days to avoid anything that could jeopardize my trip.  The memories of my fall that prevented me from going to the Berlin Marathon are still too fresh in my mind.  I won’t do anything to put my Tokyo Marathon adventure at risk.

I am focused on one thing and one thing only – crossing the finish line in Tokyo.  My training schedule is posted on the refrigerator.  Every day I check it to see what I am scheduled to do that day – a run, strength training, core work, or cross training.  The training schedule takes priority over everything else these days.  I plan my life around my training. I plan my meals so that I am properly fueled for my long runs.  I make sure that I get plenty of sleep – that means no late nights watching movies on tv.  Thank heaven for DVR because I can record anything I can’t stay up to watch.

The funny thing that I noticed this week is that not only am I focused on my goal, but everyone close to me is as well.   One of my friends emailed me, asking when the marathon is.  He knows that I am training for the race.  He is organizing a small get together at a new restaurant in town and wanted to include me.  He also realized that the food might not be on my training diet.  It was very thoughtful of him.  Because of me, the excursion to the new restaurant will be after I come back from Tokyo.

My husband received an invitation to dinner from a business colleague and his wife.  The person offered several dates and my husband asked which would fit best with my training schedule.  He knows that I don’t like to be out the night before a long run.  I thought about switching my long run to a different day but I know that I have to take a nap after a long run – a long nap.  My Transverse Myelitis makes me very fatigued.  I have found that the length of my nap is directly proportional to the length of my run.  For me a three hour run results in a three hour nap.  Switching around my schedule might have worked but then the long nap thing would have added a new complication.  It is better to just not change things.  So another social engagement delayed until after the race.

I have told several other friends that I want to have them over for dinner.  I know I won’t have time to do that until I get back from Tokyo.  Fortunately for me, they have followed my running adventures for a few years and know how focused I am on training.  They know that when we do get together, I will have lots of stories to share about my trip.

I know I am not the only runner whose life revolves around a training schedule.  I am grateful that I have people around me who are understanding and supportive.  I will have a few months of “down time” after the Tokyo Marathon before I start to train for the Berlin Marathon and then it all starts again.  During those few months I will have a busy social calendar and lots of movies to watch on the DVR.