A Year of Running Adventures

When I am out on a training run, I have time to let my mind wander.  This week I found myself thinking about this year and all the adventures I had.  Looking back on 2016, I can say I had some very memorable running experiences and plenty of adventures.  All in all, it was a … Continue reading A Year of Running Adventures

Extending a Hand

In my high school psychology class, we learned about the bystander effect, or “Genovese Syndrome”, named for Kitty Genovese, a 28-year-old woman who was stabbed to death outside her New York City apartment in the middle of the night in 1964.  In the newspaper account of her murder, it was reported no one came to … Continue reading Extending a Hand

Getting My Kicks on Route 66

In my quest to run an endurance race in all 50 States, I often ask other runners for race recommendations.  When it came to Oklahoma, the universal opinion was that the Route 66 Marathon/Half Marathon in Tulsa was THE race to run.  Two weeks ago I ran the Route 66 Half Marathon.  I have to … Continue reading Getting My Kicks on Route 66

Running in the Rhode Island Rain

I am not a big fan of running in the rain.  I know many runners who think running in the rain is wonderful.  Not me.  After running in the cold rain along the coast of New Hampshire in the Smuttynose Half, I had my fill of wet races.  But fate had other plans for me … Continue reading Running in the Rhode Island Rain

Rediscovering My Passion

Passion is a word we frequently hear when people talk about their professional work or their hobbies.  Their passion motivates them to work hard and pursue their goals. Being driven by one’s passion can lead to amazing achievements but it also can lead to burn-out.  In order to stay motivated, we need to ensure our … Continue reading Rediscovering My Passion

Running in a Football Stadium

As I was looking over the races I have done, I noticed I have run through several iconic stadiums and tracks, places where famous races and sporting events are held.  It is one of the more enjoyable aspects of running races - I get to go places I would otherwise never see. This past weekend … Continue reading Running in a Football Stadium